11th March 1815

Dear Annabella,

Not having any idea of yr leaving Seaham so soon, there are some Letters upon ye road but they are of no Signification.

I have just been at the House, to tell ye Servants that your Housemaid was on her way – & to prevent her being refused admission.

I have also been at the House Brokers & as Ld B will be in Town so Soon he thinks some sort of Agreement may then be drawn up, for ye time he has taken it…

A Visit to the ‘Real’ Piccadilly Terrace…

So there is no necessity for your sending such a direction to any Upholsterer, as the maid you send will probably be competent to look over ye Inventory & take charge of ye things…

There is no Linnen to go with the House, nor Glasses nor Knives & forks, Spoons &c

The only things left, are the Kitchen Utensils of all Sorts – Pewter for ye Servants – & some White Wedgwood plates & Dishes & crockery ware for all ye rooms.

Life Below Stairs…

You will therefore most probably give yr Servt directions about any things you may want and if I can be of any use, employ me sans ceremonie…

Tell Ld B I wrote him a Letter Yesterday being in a gracious humour – otherwise I should have taken no more notice of him that he has of me lately…

But I wanted to send him This extraordinary News & also an Acct of Kean in Rd ye 2d.

Nothing further is Known about Napoleon to day.

Aunt Melbourne


Dramatis Personae:

‘Annabella’ Anne Isabella Lady Noel Byron (1792-1860)

‘Ld B’ George Gordon Lord Noel Byron (1788-1824)

‘Kean’ Edmund Kean (1787-1833) Actor

‘Napoleon’ Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) Emperor and Military Leader

‘Aunt Melbourne’ Elizabeth Lamb Viscountess Melbourne (1751-1818) Aunt to Lady Byron and Confidant of Lord Byron