Creative Minds Hope Alike?

‘Gentle Reader,

I must first offer my sincere apologies for my absence. As I can offer no other excuse other than ill temper and a bout of ennui – upon this I shall write no more.

The temperature in London is quite intolerable today, both within this house and without and particularly for those who profess a partiality for a cool breeze and whispered conversation!

However, I digress…

Earlier this morning and with my desk in array littered with unread correspondence, numerous receipts and an unfinished breakfast – I was informed in the most egregious tone by an excitable maid that today is ‘Creativity Day’.

As I was desperately trying to perform a sleight of hand with the household accounts for the many demands for payment from My Lord’s creditors at the time – I can reassure you that the irony for the need of some ‘creative’ accountancy was not lost on me!

Am I wrong to hope that Cook will employ greater creativity with her order of fresh lobster or for Mr. Leetham with his management of our Lordship’s wine cellar?

Sincerely Yours.

Mrs. S.’