A Cup O’ Kindness?

‘Gentle Reader,

With Cook furiously clanging pots and pans and bellowing at her young kitchen hand for his ineptitude with the fire bellows and the correct slicing of her carrots – I’ve retreated to a quiet corner of Number 13 to scribble this missive to you.

For as today is Burns Night and in a nod to my Lord Byron’s Scottish ancestry even though he is far from Piccadilly – Cook is busy with preparations for supper including a delicious smoked fish soup and haggis served with mashed potato and swede OR her ‘speciality neeps and tatties’ as she insists on calling them in an attempt at a painful imitation of a Scottish accent.

As Cook has never ventured further than Bethnal Green throughout the whole course of her life and her claim to Scottish Royal blood tenuous at best – I do wonder at her ridiculous manner at times.

However, as there will be some Tipsy Laird for dessert  – I will hold my tongue save for a silent prayer that there will be no unfortunate error with that salt pot – again!

Before I must take (or suffer!) another cup o’ kindness yet – is it too early in the day for a ‘wee dram’ of my Lord’s finest Scotch whiskey? 

Asking for a friend… 

Sincerely Yours.

Mrs. S.’