A Stitch in Time?

‘Gentle Reader,

Earlier this morrow, I was awakened to the sounds of frantic shrieking coming from the direction of Lady Milbanke’s bedchamber.

Only moments later, Her Ladyship’s plump and VERY red-faced chambermaid burst into MY bedchamber and along with her loud babbled excuses for having disturbed me – I was duly informed that my skills with needle and thread were needed IMMEDIATELY!

Apparently, the hem of Miss Annabella’s muslin wedding gown due to be worn later that morning had been inexplicably torn and I was thus summoned downstairs to make a hasty repair and I might add, without the benefit of my usual cup of morning tea and dry biscuit!

It would appear that the whisper I had heard upon my arrival at Seaham Hall two days earlier about the improper sobriety of Lady Mil’s seamstress is NOT without some merit.

I have some concern about the success of this betrothal… Can I trust you to be discreet?

Sincerely Yours,

Mrs. S

January 2 1815’